Safety Measures And Staying Positive In COVID19

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness that is spreading around the world, including in India. This disease has been declared as a pandemic. The COVID-19 is a communicable disease, that is getting spread through droplets of saliva, nasal discharge of an infected person to a healthy person. This virus got a busy life and workforce to stand still.

  • Can you get infected from Coronavirus?

Yes, anyone in contact with the virus through the contaminated surface or being in contact with the infected patient can be the victim of COVID-19. Infants, elderly people, and patients with other medical histories like asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. are more prone to the infection of disease. This is not the time to get panic, but it is time to understand the need for correct safety measures and to follow the guidelines declared by the government of India and WHO.

  • How to stay safe?


You can reduce the chances of getting infected by this spreadable disease COVID-19 by taking the listed precautions and safety measures.

  1. Social distancing– The coronavirus spread from person to person; hence it is recommended that keeping the physical distance from one another is the key to reduce the wild spreading of COVID-19. The distance of 3 feet should be there to avoid any risk of getting infected. No unnecessary gathering, party, or any public function should be performed. Also, it is highly recommended to say home for saving your life as well as others’ life. Life of your loved ones is in your hand.
  2. Wash your hands– At a regular interval of time, do wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after coming from a public place, coughing sneezing or blowing your nose. Its soap and water are not available then use hand sanitizer with at least 60% of alcohol. Do not touch your unwashed hands unnecessarily on your mouth, nose, or eyes. Mouth and nose at the entrance gate for the virus a hand can be the medium to transfer the virus. To avoid such mistakes, frequent hand wash is recommended before eating after eating before touching anything after touching anything.
  3. Use mask and gloves – To avoid infection going to a public place in the case of an emergency, use a mask to cover your face and gloves to cover your hands. Also, if you are taking care of the COVID-19 patient or suffering from any flu, then wear a mask. Follow the process of how to wear a mask.
  4. Boost Your immune system– At present, there is no vaccine or medicine available for the treatment of COVID-19. Hence it is important to improve your immune system to fight against any infectious agent. Keep yourself hydrated, take enough micronutrients, and do physical exercise daily to keep yourself fit to fight.
  5. Follow the guidelines and stay updated- Around the globe, different countries, including India, have announced lockdown. It is requested to stay home to stay safe. Also, the symptoms of the disease and guidelines for consulting the doctors had been made. Get the correct information before taking any action. Follow the detectives given by the government of your country. This is a pandemic, and we all are together in it.