Nano Mist Sprayer (pack of 2 )

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Nano-moisturizing Sprayer large capacity water tank, fog large, continuous water, penetrate the skin directly to the bottom of the skin.
Nano mister gives the finest ionic mist spray to moisturizes without damaging the makeup. The refreshing mist can sooth away the mild pain or itching that caused by overexposure from sunshine. To solve the problem of skin water, fast replenishment, fine particles, fog volume to solve the skin 24 hours of water problems.
This compact facial steamer with 30ml water tank to ensure a daily supply. Press the button,stream of micro-sized particles will be released for skin care. Recharged by USB, with is very portable to carry and use.
Waterproof function, provides you outdoor/indoor water spa for skin moisturizing and hydrating. Best dry&oil skin treatment. Portable atomization sprayer can better improve the skin absorption for water and nutritious components of the lotion.
Easy operation, High frequency shock, resulting in a large number of ions of fine mist particles, giving the skin moisturizing and resting, can fully soften the skin stratum corneum, open the skin’s natural barrier, is conducive to skin nutrition and skin care essence of the absorption.

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