Home Quarantine kit

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  • Thermometer – 1pc
  • Gloves – 100 pcs
  • Disposable medical mask – 50 pcs
  • 250 ml hand Sanitizer – 2 pc
  • Pulse oximeter -1pc
  • Disposable bags – 25 pcs
  • 500ml surface disinfectant – 2 pc
  • Respirometer – 1pc
  • This kit contains products used and approved to measure , control the spread of virus,

  • Recommended for patients tested positive.


  • Avoid direct contact with contaminated surface to reduce the spread of virus.
  • Dispose after using it for maximum6 hours.

Disposable Masks

  • Prevents airborne particles and splash of body fluid and reduces the spread of virus.
  • Dispose after using it for maximum6 hours.

Hand Rub Gel

  • Instantly Kills 99.9% germs without the use of soap & water.
  • Use it frequently.

Pulse Oximeter

  • It measures oxygen saturation in blood.
  • Attach to finger tip and check the amount of oxygen in the body.
  • Check frequently if you feel breathlessness.

Disposable Bags

  • Used to dispose all infected waste.
  • Dispose all used gloves, masks, and all other disposable items which can spread virus.
  • Tie the bag tightly so that the waste does not spill out.

Surface Disinfector

  • Disinfect the surface touched as and when need as the virus can spread with smallest of the contact.


  • This device is used to measure the rate of respiration by measuring its rate of exchange of oxygen and/or carbon dioxide.
  • Breathing exerciser


  • Used measure body temperature,
  • Check the temperature every 3 hours.
Weight 1500 g


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