Do and Don’ts during the Coronavirus situation

Dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, there are a few do and don’ts which we should keep in mind.

  • Do’s 
  1. Keep and maintain hygiene: To curb the virus spread, maintaining hygiene is very important. We should always wash our hands regularly with soap and water after touching any exposed surface, which is in public. Try as far as possible to avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. Make it a point to always keep a sanitizer with you.
  1. Social distancing: Maintain an arms-length distance from people. Try and avoid getting together, party, marriage function, religious ceremonies, etc. which have a large number of public accumulated.
  1. Wear a mask: Always keep your mouth and nose covered; it reduces the chances of the virus spreading. Avoid touching your hands to your face or mouth.
  1. Boost immune system: We should take good care of our health in such crucial times. Keep our immune strong by eating the right food and maintaining a proper diet. A good immune system is a strong defense in our body to fight the virus.
  1. Exercising: Exercising helps by keeping our weight in control, it improves your bone and muscle health, improves your mental energy, helps your brain and keeps it sharp, fights depression, induces better sleep, keeps you agile and active. It keeps us physically and mentally fit.
  1. Meditation and diet: Practice meditation daily as it helps to calm the mind of fears. Maintain a proper diet by eating the right amount of food to supplement your body with good nutrients. Increase the intake of fiber-rich and protein-rich foods like nuts, pulses, milk, eggs, etc. Drink plenty of water; it helps you flush the excess toxins in your body.
  1. Adequate sleep and rest: Take adequate sleep and rest and don’t stress your body too much as excess stress or lack of sleep and weaken the immune system.


  • Don’ts
  1. Avoiding physical contact: Avoid handshakes with people and going to close to people.
  1. Panic: During these stressful times with so much information through media, we tend to panic. We should not let the news disrupt our peace of mind
  1. Don’t pile up excess masks: Since wearing a mask is the need of the hour, we should not stock and pile up masks at home. This will create a shortage of supply of masks in the market.
  1. Crowding in public places: We should avoid social gatherings, avoid visiting gyms, or any public place which is overcrowded. A distance of at least 1meter should be maintained.
  1. Going out of the house: We should not go out of the house unnecessarily only if actually required. All the groceries and eatables should be stocked and kept for a few days to avoid stepping out of the house daily.
  1. Spitting in public places: The chances of the virus spreading increase when we spit or litter things in public. We should try as far as possible to keep our public places clean.